Sports injury prevention

Major sports franchises across the globe, as well as Olympic trainers and coaches have come to the conclusion that hiring a dedicated Chiropractor for  their athletes have resulted in less injuries. Chiropractors, through their advanced understanding of the  neuromusculoskeletal system can not only increase performance, but prevent the breakdown of an athlete’s body. The implementation of daily stretching techniques, soft tissue massages and dynamic warm up routines, chiropractors have played a major role in the integration of advanced sports sciences in the previous decades and for the future.

In today’s hyper competitive sports environment and hope of college scholarships, gaining that competitive edge has become more important than ever. Using the methods and skills employed by Dr. Mullanack will make sure your body has it’s full potential for increased mobility with less chance of injury to allow you to perform at your full potential. He also can advise you on nutritional information to help your body operate efficiently and recover more quickly after strenuous exercise to decrease fatigue.

Sport injuries are avoidable in a perfect world, but some degree of injury will likely occur from time to time. Whether it be from contact with an opponent or training stress and fatigue. Dr. Mullanack can diagnose what the issue is and set up a rehabilitation program to ensure you can get back into the action as soon as your body is ready. By focusing on the weak link in the chain, we together can keep you the athlete working at optimal levels with decreased down time.