Chiropractic treatment is a medical based system based on the diagnosis and treatment of the joints of the body through physical realignment. This realignment is commonly referred to as the Chiropractic Adjustment. Treatment is typically focused on the spine, but most joints including the ligaments and tendons can be treated by your Chiropractor. We can treat a wide range of ailments from headaches, vertigo, inflamed nerves and disc bulges and herniations, just to name a few, at my office using a wide variety of  Chiropractic techniques.

Treatment by Dr. Mullanack aims at reducing and eventually eliminating your pain while restoring normal range of motion and movement patterns. We focus on fixing the underlying cause of your dysfunction that causes your symptoms of pain, stiffness and decreased range of motion.

Chiropractic treatment works in many different ways and we use a wide variety of techniques tailored to each individual patient. Our goal is to insure proper realignment of the joints of your body foremost, thus allowing your muscles and soft tissues to resume their normal functions. When an injury occurs around a joint, your muscles try to compensate for the sudden altered joint or vertebral alignment, which causes your pain and inflammation.

As with any type of medical office visit,  Dr. Mullanack begins with an initial consultation that includes a thorough health history, as well as questions about your specific symptoms.  After all the questions are discussed, he will perform a physical examination that includes range of motion, feeling for sore and tender muscles and vertebrae, performing orthopedic tests to identify involved structures of the joints and muscles, and gait analysis. Depending on these findings and the history of the problem, X-rays may be taken onsite on a case by case basis. Dr. Mullanack has the ability to take these X-rays immediately onsite, ensuring that you can be treated the very first visit if possible. The range of treatments can be delivered in a number of ways, and most all focus on the realignment of joints. A hands on approach is at the core of Dr. Mullanack’s treatment and is the essence of chiropractic.